Maximize Business Efficiency with Powerful Cloud Solutions

Our main objective is to promote growth within organizations by increasing their business efficiency. We optimize operations by delivering cloud solutions that are both personalised and interconnected with other business applications.

With AZUR Innova’s Development Center, we help organizations build new custom cloud solutions, modernize their business-critical applications, and move them to the cloud. Using AZUR Innova, we’ve built cloud solutions specific to the financial and professional services sectors.

EFS - a Treasury Management System designed to simplify the daily operations of treasurers and CFO’s. MyriadApp - a Professional Service Automation software built on the Salesforce platform, intended to help small and medium companies improve the management of their professional services.

In addition, we can use any other supplier’s Cloud Solutions to integrate our client’s heterogeneous business processes. We’re able to provide optimal results due to our extended expertise and our strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Microsoft and Salesforce.

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AZUR Innova

The AZUR Innova Development Center offers custom services to deliver powerful cloud software intended to meet your unique demands and highest expectations.

Our unique Optimized Agile Solution allows you to transform your compelling ideas into highly efficient software. The first version of a cloud prototype will be quickly produced for free, within a few days, thus providing efficient path to project understanding, feasibility, and scoping.

Afterward, once the project is started, the solution will be continually adjusted to match your vision and business needs. The software will also be deployed in our Solution Center every two weeks in order to get your feedback.

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EFS is an affordable Cloud-based Treasury Management System (TMS) designed to help companies simplify their treasury by offering a secure, simple and efficient way to consolidate and centralize treasury operations.

Using this state-of-the-art TMS, your company will gain a sustainable competitive advantage by:

  • Boosting efficiency through consolidation and automation of treasury operations,
  • Fueling important treasury decisions with superior quality data,
  • Reducing exposure to financial risk.

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MyriadApp is a complete, affordable and easy-to-use Professional Services Automation system designed to streamline, centralize and ultimately simplify your business management operations.

Myriad leverages: mobile accessibility, cloud connectivity and powerful data reporting to give you a 360 view of your clients in real time. It also allows you to manage employees and oversee operations anytime and anywhere.

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