AZUR Group kicks off several Angular 2 Projects with Major Canadian Bank and Airport

Montreal, October 25th 2016

AZUR Group, a Montreal-based Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), starts three projects with a major canadian bank as well as a major canadian airport, using Google’s highly anticipated JavaScript framework: Angular 2 . This comes on the heels of a year-long research and development process where AZUR Innova, AZUR Group’s development center, tested Angular 2. To ensure the project readiness of the Google-backed framework, the AZUR Innova team built a demo application that illustrated several data management usage scenarios that businesses may require.

When presented with these software development projects, AZUR Group immediately identified Angular 2 as the perfect JavaScript platform for a time and cost efficient development process for the cloud solutions. “Angular 2 allows us to build business web applications that are highly performant and responsive. Angular 2 also makes the development process more efficient, meaning we can focus on what really matters: the user experience” said Jean-Louis Lalonde, CEO of AZUR Group.

As of today, AZUR Group is fully ready to build Angular 2 business web applications on top of leading platforms such as Microsoft Azure and Salesforce.

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